Tunes from the Old Days when Uriah Heep Fans world wide were
discovering the power of the internet and all that it is.

Many of these songs were recorded long before any of the people in
them had ever met - some have never met until this day.

Our friendships remain to this day

Thank you for allowing me to record music with you.
Treaty Starboard Home Heep Rocks Come Away Melinda
White Hulme/White Heepheads* White
Rainbows End Going Home River Of Dreams Sara
Heepheads* Dave White Band Wagner/Hulme/White/Lawton White
Answers And the Sun
Will Rise
Audience of One Reprise For Love
Promyse White White/Dreher Heepheads*
Circus Pilgrim Through the Eyes
of a Child
Weep In Silence
Dreher/Hulme White/Hule/Dreher White/Griffin/Hulme White/Keuter
Audience of One Freelight Mourning Light Only a Dream
Promyse Dave White Band White/Collins White
The Heepheads are Bob Dreher, Mike Fedysky, Graham Hulme and Me
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The Story of the Original River of Dreams

The articles below are from long ago


I've recently had the pleasure of daily listenings to the cd "Seasons of Fire" by our very own Dave White.

I guess most of you are aware of this CD, and if you're not, Im writing this to tell you all its a great guitar cd.

The Seasons of Fire cd starts up with Shin Splints, a great start number as it seems to build up to a crescendo from the start and all the way through..A real teaser, and great 80's sound guitar too..Second number is a more melodious one, Turning Point, and it would be great to hear this one orchestrated with Philharmonics, sorta Scorpions style methinks..With a subtle start up, nice organ and a single, yet perfectly placed "Darker side off the Moon" bell, Come Away Melinda is a sure stunner! I find myself pushing Repeat on this one all the time, great job Dave!

Next comes Surreal Morning, that I think has a modern Ken Hensley sound to it, again with a playfull guitar, and I must agree with an earlier comment here, the guitar play needs no excuse in comparison with any 90's guitar heroes..Smoothly going into The Other Side, Surreal Morning seems like a nice "wake up" after the drifting away with Melinda..The Other Side picks up the pace a bit and puts the rock guitar in heavy focus, very nice, I would love to hear this one as a mean slide!

Number six, Treaty, is a laid back, melodious piece of guitar frenzy, nice playfull bass line and again one notices the way the organ fills out the number without taking over..This IS a guitar CD! A sort of dreamy number with a pace..Title number Seasons of Fire takes of like 80's music meets country meets Satriani, and I think theres a very heepy feeling about this number..The guitar picks up to a dirty rocking blaze and the organ is omnipresent..A very well structured number indeed! On this number one really notices the sort of metallic sound they made for the drums, you notice it on other numbers but its really wicked sounding on this one..Wicked as in good, a fresh intake.

Aftermath smooths out the end of the album, very dreamy, like a space voyage for organ turning into a rollercoaster for guitar, so far Ive blown several strings on my airguitar!..Its the cosmic touch of the cd..In conclusion I enjoyed the album very much and I can firmly recommend it to anyone..Its great and I'm looking much forward to meet you one day and buy you that beer!

Esbern, Copenhagen.

"And The Sun Will Rise" came to us at a time of great upheaval in our lives. It encapsulated the hope and promise of new horizons. Best of all it was written and performed by a true friend....

Alan Keetley

Hi y'all!!!

Dave W. was kind enough to send me an advance copy of his new album, Seasons  of Fire, and I thought I'd let y'all know it's killer.

I can honestly say, even as biased as I am, that this is one of the finest 
guitar albums I've ever heard. ...

There's actual melodies (and very good melodies!!!) that you can 
hum after listening!!!! I don't care much for how fast a guitarist can 
play, I care for the feeling they evoke (which explains why my fave 
guitarists are Box, Blackmore, King & Vaughan!! and now White!!! :-)

I know Dave envisions this as a project with other people playing his stuff,  but I don't know why he wants to mess with this, it's great the way it is!!! 

And I'd much rather listen to Dave play guitar than any guests he might  line up, unless his name happens to be Mick Box!!!!

Also, Dave does a killer version of Come Away Melinda that's about as far  away from Heep's version as Clive's version of The Wizard is!!

Anyways, congrats Dave!!!! 
Definitely one of the best releases for 2000!!!! 

Great artwork, too! ;-))

Jay Pearson

WELL WELL boys  and girls  and  you too  the wild ones of all ages hahahahahaha.

DAVE i like it......IT was a musical journey thru the mind, DEFINITE HEEP INFLUENCE IN PARTS.....i like it......IT ws this instrumental journy thur time  and not space mind  you  but time and a beer,, hahahahahahahaah 

 HEY  I LIKE IT..THE ONLY PROBLEM I HAD WITH IT  as i was listening ,,then all of a sudden the last tune had vox,, i knew it was the last tune i wanted more.. it is groovy to listen to this in my HIPPY ROOM....DAVE good job,, other complaint  why didn'y you get me to do some tracks hahahaha
nuff said

p.s.URIAH ( hey everyone  go check out  seasons of fire with dave white  and crew) HEEP forever

DAVE WHITE -The Lower Room Studios (MP3 / Indie)
An instrumental album by Cleveland musician [and Uriah Heep web-master!], who offers up 9 cuts of interesting melodies, and plenty of cool guitar work. 

Starting off with the keyboard / movie theme production/feel of "The Journey Part 1", White's CD heads off onto a Journey of prog / classic rock inspired cuts that can be catchy and/or soaring with melodies and arrangements. Stand-outs include "Treaty' - which is reminiscent of old Heep as is the aplty titled "For Mick" - done in honor of Heep's guitarist Mick Box, with White coming off sounding very much like the man himself [lots of wah wah!], while "Kelly" has a moody feel and slower pace to it ala Pink Floyd [David Gilmour being another of White's big influences!]. 

A cool journey from beginning to end, clocking in at about 42 minutes - if you ain't into instrumental albums, the tracks are easy to get into and the listener won't be bored with 12 minute solos! Check it out at

Kevin Julie

Dear Dave

What can I say?????? Like you, I am a great Heep fan. My story (which appears in the Journal),  talks of the first song Peter ever played me. This was 'Come away Melinda'. This song has
sentimental feelings for me. The whole family, except me, had listened to 'Heepsteria'. Byron (8) was desperate for me to hear 'Disco Gypsy' (he might grow out of it).  So Saturday night, we sat down, fire alight, candles burning, Peter, myself, Byron (8), Elleanor (4), Our scene was set.

So I listened to what my family so desperately wanted to share with me. Byron and I like original sounding songs and Peter
and Elleanor like varied versions of songs. Pete played a song, that i fell in love with within the first few notes.

What can I say,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I am playing 'Come away Melinda' right now.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW , I never knew that this song
could be taken to a different dimension.... The slow beginning that feel you are floating somewhere very serene 
(oceanic perhaps, with a hint of which song you might be listening to),the short pause, the dramatic bells, then, knowing what
you are listening to. The Piano, flute, the guitar that sang so much, so much more.

I feel my whole body totally enthralled with what I am hearing, Goosebumps!! I personally wish, that this beautiful peace of
music was the last one on the CD (because of its affect on me, I do not know which song comes next, or after), or even better,
an entire side dedicated to this. I am in complete awe/ore/orr (haha), whatever, it is sensational!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Please let me know when you will making a full CD version, I shall be your first customer.

Thank you Dave, I cannot express how this really has touched me. My one recommendation is, the 'Heepsteria' CD is absolutely great,
but if you like nothing else, you MUST buy it purely for 'Come away Melinda' 

Take care and hope to see you soon Love 

Donna Straker

White composes instrumental Progressive Rock that highlights his fairly tasteful, effect-laden guitar solos. One hears the spacey stylings of Floyd as well as the more virtuoso meanderings of Satriani in his work.

DAVE WHITE 'The lower room studios'

DAVE WHITE is the webmaster of the URIAH HEEP website. Dave can also play the guitar very well himself and so he released a CD titled 'The lower room studios', a very nice instrumental CD. The album is good quality melodic rock that is filled up with great keys. There are many calm moments and actually I liked the CD a lot.

You can put the CD on and just listen to it and dream away with the spacy keys and guitarsolos of Dave. "Cheyenne" and "…and the sun will rise" are the two best songs and are very good instrumental AOR songs. I wonder what it would sound like with a vocalist, probably killer AOR. Anyway, the rest of the CD is also very good and if you like instrumental AOR/Melodic Rock, this is a must.


Latest Reviews :

Band: Dave White
Album: The Lower Room Studios
Rating: Thumbs Up
Bands I'd compare this to: Uriah Heep,Deep Purple

Are you into the sound of classic Uriah Heep? If you are, here's one for you!

This self financed release from guitarist/multi instrumentalist Dave White ,'The Best of the Lower Room Studios' offers nearly a full hour filled with classic Hammond organ/guitar interplay.

White, an unapologetic Mick Box disciple, shows his talents to good effect here. Whether it's long instrumentals such as the haunting opening track 'And The Sun Will Rise', or original vocal compositions like 'For Love', he shines throughout.

Mostly self recorded, the results are impressive overall. There are a few spots the keys sound a bit thin, and the drums could use a bit more punch. But after a couple spins this isn't noticeable, resulting in a disc that's a "must have" for Heepfans.

Keith Langerman

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Uriah Heep Covers

What Should be Done !
Dave Griffin - Vocals
Graham Hulme - Percussion, Piano
Mac Steagall - Bass Guitar

Through the eyes of a child
Dave Griffin - Vocals
Graham Hulme - Piano, Synth, Bass, Percussion
Dave White - Guitars

Sweet Lorainne
Joe Doran - Vocals, Percussion
Bob Dreher - Bass, Guitar
Dave White - Organ,Synth, Guitar

July Morning
Bob Dreher - Vocals, Guitar
Richard Wagner - Bass, Percussion
Richard's friend - Midi Keyboard
Dave White - Analog Keyboards, Guitar

Return to Fantasy
Graham Hulme - Midi Keyboards, Bass, Percussion
Dave White - Guitars
Dave Griffin - Vocals

So Tired
Joe Doran
- Percussion and Vocals
Bob Dreher - Guitar,Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Dave White - Guitar,Keyboards

From Time to Time
Mike Fedysky and Bob Dreher

There Comes a Time
Graham Hulme and Alan Keetley


Ken Hensley Covers
The Return

Through the Eyes of a child
Dave Griffin and Graham Hulme

With Dreamer
(For the album Heepsteria):
Circle of Hands
Easy Livin'
Time to Live
I Wanna be Free

Come Away Melinda
Solo work for Heepsteria


With Others:

Kelly (Written for my Daughter)
Dave White

A wonderful guitar ballad written for his son Joshua
Just a lil' guitar accompaniment from me in there too..
© Clive Rodgers 1997

Untitled Duet for two guitars
Written by Dave White
Additional Lead Guitars by Bob Dreher !

The Phoenix
Written by: Mac Steagall
Music by Dave White
Vocals by Dave Griffin

Written by Bob Dreher
Vocals/Guitar Bob
Bass Guitar Muzzy
Guitar and Keyboards Dave

With Arto Lainge
Dollar Man
The Meaning of Life
Coming soon !

Arvid Armgrimson:
Sun Riders
Tired Old Smile

Per Rannug
Hope's Mystery

Thorbjorn Aasvaer
Turning Poiint

Tribute to Bruce Cameron
Your Song Lives On
With Dale Fredericks and Bob Dreher

WIth The Heepheads
Rainbow's End
Heep Rocks
If Tomorrow Comes

Uriah Heep Covers (Continued)

Pilgrim !
Bob Dreher - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Graham Hulme - Keyboards,Percussion
Dave White - Guitar, Bass Guitar

Suicidal Man !
Bob Dreher - Vocal, Guitar, Bass Guitar
Graham Hulme - Percussion
Dave White - Keyboards

Come Away Melinda - Live !
Dale Fredericks - Vocal
Dave White - Backgound accompaniment

Sunrise !
Dave Griffin - Lead Vocals
Bob Dreher - Background vocals, Bass Guitar, Backing Guitar
Joe Doran - Persussion, Acoustic guitar
Dave White - Keyboards, Lead Guitar

Time to Live
Lead Vocals and Percussion - Joe Doran
Guitar and Bass Guitar - Bob Dreher
Guitar and Keyboards - Dave White

Come Away Melinda
Vocals and Guitar work by Graham Hulme and a friend at age 17!
Keyboards and remix by Dave White

Dave Powell Instrumentation
Dave Griffin - Vocals

Graham Hulme- Guitar,Percussion,Keyboards
Dave Griffin - Vocals

If I had The Time
Dave Griffin - Lead Vocal
Kim Griffin - Background Vocals
Graham Hulme - Midi Keys, Bass, Percussion
Dave White - Guitars, Slide Guitar, Midi

Dave Powell - Vocals, Acoustic Guitars
Dave White - Piano, Synth, Bass, Percussion

With Others

Byre Quest
It only get's worse...
Slo Driver 
Ode to the Magician
Sara's Lament
Endless Rainbow

I Remember
John Lawton

River of Dreams
Original Version notes:
Hear it here
Richard Wagner - Author, Bass, Percussion, Keyboards
Graham Hulme - Lyrics and vocal melodies
Dave White - Guitar, Keyboards
Michael Keuter - Vocals

The Birthday Version 
John Lawton on Vocals

With Jacob Marley
We Travel On
Marley's Chain

With Slice of Lemon
Too Many Trails

With Dale Collins
Mourning Light

For Love..
For my wife, Carol White
Dave White, Graham Hulme and Bob Dreher

Seasons Of Fire
Shin Splints
Turning Point
Madness Under Crystal
The Other Side
Mourning Light
Too Many Trails
Seasons Of Fire
Surreal Morning
Hopes Mystery

With the
John Lawton Band
"Reach Out !"

With Promyse:
"Audience of One" 
"Goin' Home"
"Get In Line" 
"Audience of One (Reprise..)"