Michael "Muzzy" Fedysky

I've played bass since 1970 and I think , for me, there is no better form of personal expression, enjoyment, relaxation, and a feeling of "forever youth". Uriah Heep has been a big part of my musical influence and interests throughout those years. 

I would love to play along with Gary Thain, Paul Newton, Trevor, etc. picking up each other's style and just loving every Heep tune, waiting anxiously for each new album. I was so awed by Ken Hensley's playing and writing, Mick Box's wild wah-wah, and those "goose-bump" harmonies !

1980 was a year when I lost touch with Uriah Heep here in the USA. Record stores and news media quickly forgot the unbelievable affect their music had made on me, leaving me to wait and wonder where they were and what they were doing until 1997. I have to admit that when I first bought our computer back in ' 97 for my daughter, I didn't think it would change my life musically or personally in the way that it has. I was able to contact not only people like Dave White, but I could actually write to Mick and Ken ! WOW...a fan / musician's dream come true. I had the pleasure of attending Heepvention '97 in St. Louis where I made lasting friendships I don't ever want to lose. 

I had the time of my life and with every Heepvention or event I attend, the list of friends grow and grow. Somehow I feel there is a special bond that's very hard to explain I definitely wanted to get involved with the musician's who loved to record Heep tunes so I purchased a 4 track tape machine and asked if I could join in the fun.I learned so much from guitarist's like Bob Dreher, Dave White, Graham Hulme, Barry Lombardo and the list goes on. Drummers like Madman Merrick, Joe Doran.....keyboard players like Alex Gitlin......singers Dave Griffin, Dale Fredericks.....bassists Mac Steagal, Rich Wagner, and so many more wonderful, talented people.

As the years went by, our friendships matured and developed personally as well as musically. I began to experiment with a few tunes of my own and when I asked for help, my Heep musician friends were always there. Their talents and suggestions, guidance and nurturing, etc. would be just an e-mail away.............. oh yeah, and patience <smile> 

All of the people I've had the pleasure of meeting and knowing, I consider my Heep family. I want to thank you all for this special friendship. Please, if there is ever anything I can do, I'm just an e-mail away. May God bless us all with health, and life's best, Uriah Heep, and rock & roll forever! 

"It's time for you to realize, there's gonna be no compromise, it's gotta be Heep or nothin' at all. "   

Mike F. ICQ #2607893