"One Left" to be released in 2010

I was invited  to play a track on John Lawton's New CD entitled "Sting In The Tail".

Thanks to John and Steve Dunning, and the rest of the guys for the hospitality they afforded me !

The song is called "Reach Out", and was written by John himself !

The CD was released in April or May of 2003.

And then I got to play it live at the Magician's Birthday Party 2003..now I can die happy :-)
The HeepHeads are Bob Dreher, Muzzy Fedysky, and I doing what we do... we think it's Heep Related :-)

It's easy because we are so influenced by the music of the band...check out
www.heepheads.com for more info.
On the net side of things, we started another "internet band" if you will called "Promyse".

This was a lot of fun, we'll have to do more !